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Minimally Invasive, Easier Recovery

Perfectly precise Technology & Surgical Expertise Yield Superior Results

The Yomi® system augments the doctor’s exceptional expertise, helping to provide our patients with a minimally invasive experience that leads to faster recovery times. Dr. Clayhold has placed more than 15,000 implants—with added features for the best outcomes. With his extensive specialty training in dentistry and medicine and this incomparable technology, no other practice can match us for robotic-assisted dental implant surgery in Issaquah, WA.

How Yomi Works

Surgical robotics is becoming the standard in dental care, as it has been with high-end medical surgery for some time. Robotic dental implant surgery gives you added peace of mind when you’re trying to regain your full quality of life after tooth loss.

The Yomi Robotic Surgery system is a multifunctional tool that helps Dr. Clayhold plan implant placement, provides visual confirmation of his actions, and offers guided instrument placement. It literally won’t allow him to perform the surgery incorrectly.

The Yomi system works using haptic feedback. Though you may not have heard of it, you’ve probably benefitted from it. When your cellphone vibrates each time you touch the screen, it’s confirming that you did in fact press an on-screen button. 

Yomi’s robotic technology helps guide the doctor’s hand by providing audio cues as well as showing video cues on an attached monitor. Make no mistake—the doctor is still performing your surgery, but with the added advantage of an intelligent system that confirms his every move. 

With or without Yomi, you can have confidence you’re receiving the best of care from Dr. Clayhold, as always.

Benefits of Guided Dental Implant Surgery

Highly Accurate Placement

Using a special robotic arm and audio and visual feedback, Dr. Clayhold is able to place your dental implants at just the right position, angle, and depth. This makes for highly predictable, comfortable, and lasting results you’ll love.

Minimally Invasive Treatment

Due to its robotic precision, Yomi usually enables Dr. Clayhold to make tiny incisions to insert your implant posts. These small incisions allow for faster healing and a faster return to normal life after the placement procedure is complete.

Latest Dental Technology

With Yomi, Dr. Clayhold is continuing his commitment to offering treatment using the most recent, advanced dental technology available. Always a pioneer in that regard, he can provide you with the highest quality of care anywhere.

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