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Bone Grafting - Issaquah, WA

Reclaim Your Facial Foundation

Restoring Bone Lost From Your Jaw

Tooth loss and gum disease can make social interactions embarrassing, meals uncomfortable, and conversations awkward. As large an emotional toll as these can take, the real drawbacks have deeper health implications. Without healthy teeth and gums attached, your jaw can begin to recede. Untreated, this may be the start of a domino effect with further tooth loss leading to more bone loss. In addition to all of the problems already mentioned, this can give your face a sunken, aged appearance. But there’s an effective solution. Dr. Scott Clayhold restores strong jaws and happy smiles daily with bone grafting in Issaquah, WA.

As a renowned oral surgeon, Dr. Clayhold counts bone grafting among his specialties. After completing medical and dental school, he pursued six years of additional advanced training, with training in dentistry, oral surgery, medicine, trauma, general surgery, and anesthesia. With these years of training, he’s able to provide comprehensive dental implant surgical care here in one convenient location. Once he rebuilds your jawbone mass and strength, he can rebuild your smile by placing dental implants. He’s licensed to personally administer multiple types of anesthesia for the procedures. Whether a small area of recession or a complex treatment plan including full mouth dental implants, Dr. Clayhold can help you reclaim what you’ve lost.

Your Jawline Restored

During a bone grafting procedure, Dr. Clayhold places bone material in the area of your jaw that has receded. Over time the bone graft will permanently fuse with your jawbone, filling in the space left by the bone recession. If you’ve suffered bone loss in the back of your upper jaw, you may experience an additional complication: sinus collapse. Dr. Clayhold can restore your sinus to its proper place, however, with a procedure called a sinus lift. Here he gently raises the floor of the collapsed sinus and places bone grafting material underneath. As it heals, the graft will solidify and re-strengthen your jawbone. Dr. Clayhold can then prepare you to enjoy social engagements, meals, and conversations once again by placing dental implants everywhere you’ve lost teeth.

What Bone Grafting Can Give You

  • Sufficient jawbone mass to support dental implants
  • Your distinctive jawline
  • A more youthful appearance
  • Greater self-confidence
  • More secure teeth
  • A healthy, natural-looking jaw after facial trauma
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Bone grafting paves the way!