Missing Teeth - Issaquah, WA

Restore Your Smile or Lose It

Missing Teeth Cause Complications

Are you missing teeth? The fact that you’re here probably means you’re not smiling or laughing as much as you used to. Not enjoying all your favorite foods. Not feeling good about yourself or the way you look. Missing teeth do more than limit your daily activities and compromise your smile aesthetics. Without natural tooth roots, your jaw can begin to decay—leading to further tooth loss and a sunken facial appearance. You see, teeth help maintain your jawbone health through the stimulation of healthy bone growth. If you’re looking for a replacement for missing teeth in Issaquah, WA, you need dental implants.

As an oral surgeon, Dr. Scott Clayhold is a dental implant specialist. He’s helped many patients regain normal, comfortable lives with implants. In fact, he’s placed 10,000 of them! His experience and education are without peer. Dr. Clayhold undertook an additional six years of training after completing medical and dental school—four years of oral surgery residency and two years of anesthesia internship. With this specialized training, in areas including oral surgery, oral pathology, and medicine, he can provide even complex treatment with exceptional results. Dr. Clayhold is best qualified to help you avoid the complications of missing teeth!

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Some Complications of Missing Teeth

  • Difficulty eating
  • Speech problems
  • Low self-confidence
  • Reluctance to smile
  • Social discomfort
  • Jawbone recession
  • Aged, sunken facial features
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A Restored Smile, a Rewarding Life

Whether you have one failing or missing tooth, or most or all of your teeth failing, Dr. Clayhold can fully restore your smile with dental implants. He has the advanced technology to accurately diagnose and develop a personalized, effective treatment plan to address your tooth loss. Even if you have pre-existing medical conditions or fear of complications, his specialized training fully equips him for even the most complex of cases. When it comes time to having your new teeth surgically placed, he offers a wide range of anesthesia options to keep you comfortable. Trained and licensed to personally oversee and provide anesthesia, he has perfected a protocol to provide you to essentially sleep through the surgery. Some anesthesia options essentially allow you to sleep through the procedure. And when he’s done, you’ll be able to resume a more rewarding life, free of tooth-related restrictions and embarrassment.

Make Missing Teeth Disappear

Regain a healthy, beautiful smile!