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Tooth pain can be overwhelming. Whether your pain is connected to tooth decay or something else, it may make eating, sleeping, and just concentrating difficult. In some cases, a simple filling is all you need to feel normal again. However, if your tooth is severely decayed, you may have no other option but to get it extracted. Dr. Scott Clayhold always attempts to save a “bad” tooth. When he’s unable to salvage it, he’s the best choice for tooth extractions in the Seattle and the Eastside areas. Here’s why …

A renowned oral surgeon, Dr. Clayhold has received training in dentistry, oral surgery, and medicine. He has the specialized qualifications—years of training beyond dental school—to perform even the most intricate dental surgeries. He can handle extractions of any level of complexity or any complication that might arise, rare though they are. Dr. Clayhold is also qualified to personally administer anesthesia. He’ll keep you pain-free and relaxed throughout your extraction procedure.

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Why You May Need Tooth Extractions

  • Extreme tooth decay
  • Untreatable infection
  • Damage from oral trauma
  • Preparation for dental implant placement
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How Our Office Ensures Success In Our Dental Implant Placements

Your Post-Extraction Plan

Once your broken tooth or decayed tooth has been removed, your pain will begin to diminish. While this will be a great relief to you, your pain isn’t the only thing that will diminish, unfortunately. Your smile will have an unsightly gap that may make you reluctant to speak or smile, but the post-extraction issues aren’t purely cosmetic. Your jawbone stays healthy in part through the presence of tooth roots and the stimulation they provide through chewing. Your jawbone can begin to decay in areas where you no longer have teeth. As a result, you may lose more teeth and your face can take on a sunken appearance.

Dental implants prevent all of these from occurring! Offering the appearance, feel, and performance of real teeth, dental implants will fully restore your smile for the long term. In fact, they can last a lifetime with proper care. Dental implants never decay or lose their original color. With them, you’ll laugh and smile easier, speak clearly and naturally, and enjoy all of your favorite foods. And Dr. Clayhold can usually place them the same day as your extractions. With dental implants, tooth extractions provide the opportunity for a stronger, healthier smile.

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