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Sleep allows your body to re-energize and heal from the effects of the day. If you’re not getting a good night’s sleep, you’re probably not getting those reinvigorating benefits. Sleep apnea is a common culprit behind poor sleep. Yes, it involves snoring. But sleep apnea has far worse consequences than noisy nights. Snoring occurs when the soft tissues of your mouth block your airway during sleep—causing you to frequently stop breathing. During the day you may be irritable, fatigued, and unable to concentrate. Left untreated, sleep apnea can lead to serious systemic health effects. Dr. Clayhold and team often recognize a concern about your suffering from sleep apnea during a unrelated visit to our office and we will share with you our findings and help you discover the best solutions.

A renowned oral surgeon, Dr. Scott Clayhold offers proven treatments for sleep apnea sufferers. With specialized training in dentistry, oral surgery, and medicine, he has the training and experience needed to get you breathing freely again. Considering more than your noticeable symptoms, Dr. Clayhold can identify and correct the issues that are causing your sleep apnea, enabling you to have a better quality of sleep and more energetic, productive days in the short-term. In the long-term, he can help you avoid the medical health complications of sleep apnea and live a long and healthy life.

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Dangers of Sleep Apnea

  • Heart disease
  • Stroke
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Obesity

Two Approaches to Sleep Apnea Treatment

Once you’ve been positively diagnosed with sleep apnea by your physician (either through a sleep lab or at-home testing), Dr. Clayhold can begin your treatment. One common method he uses is a mouthguard. Customized to fit you comfortably, a mouthguard slips easily over both rows of your teeth. When in place, your mouthguard will hold your jaw slightly forward, preventing your soft tissues from collapsing onto your airway and allowing you to breathe freely all night long. You may see your snoring cease immediately!

If your soft tissues are obstructive or a mouthguard doesn’t work for some reason, Dr. Clayhold may deem surgery necessary. As an oral surgeon, he’s qualified to offer this treatment option that many other dentists aren’t able to provide. There are various ways Dr. Clayhold can alleviate your sleep apnea; most of them involve removing portions of various soft tissues that may be blocking your airway. Using laser technology, he can complete these without a scalpel. The laser allows him to complete minimally invasive procedures more quickly, with less pain and bleeding, and fewer complications afterward!

Rest Easy Every Night!

Sleep apnea treatment can end your snoring and keep you healthy.